Sesquicentenary exhibition launch

7 April 2016 | General Interest

'The Sisters of St Joseph: Educational Endeavours

at Mount Street, North Sydney'


“In this the Sesquicentenary year of the Sisters of St Joseph, it is fitting that Mary MacKillop Place launches three special exhibitions to honour the contribution of the Sisters to the development of education within the Australian context.” Sr Monica Cavanagh


On Thursday, 31st March the first of these Exhibitions was launched by Sr Monica. This Exhibition entitled ‘The Sisters of St Joseph: Educational Endeavours at Mount Street, North Sydney,’ traces the development of this site from its infancy, when women came to here to the Novitiate and to learn about teaching, through its growth into the Catholic Teachers’ College, Catholic College of Advanced Education, and, in 1991, its amalgamation with three other Catholic tertiary institutions to form Australian Catholic University.


Present at the launch were members of the CLT and RLT, representatives of Australian Catholic University, Catholic Church Insurances, Friends of the Museum, our local Federal Member of Parliament, Board Directors, Sisters and Staff of Mary MacKillop Place.

One of the visitors to the launch said: ‘This is fascinating,” and proceeded to take a chair to sit and read each banner.

In addition to usual features of such an Exhibition, such as banners, artefacts and Companion Books, we are for the first time, making available to visitors the use of the audio-pen. This technology allows the individual visitor to listen to additional material about our educational endeavours. One of the voices recorded on the audio-pen is Sr Agnes Cecilia Boyle, whom many of you will know.

And so “we give thanks and celebrate 150 years of service, begun in a small renovated stable in Penola, and the continuing Josephite story.’ Sr Colleen Keeble.


We invite you to come along and view this Exhibition. You might like to enjoy a cup of coffee or lunch in the Cafe as part of your visit. Our Museum is open daily from 10am – 4pm.  We look forward to welcoming you to Mary MacKillop Place and our Museum.

This exhibition is on display until 1 December 2016.

Click here to view Sr Monica Cavanagh's speech

Annie Bond